Bringing Groundbreaking Coffee Industry Research to Market

Willard “Dub” Hay is considered one of the world’s most prescient coffee experts, with a 40-year career that spans all aspects of the coffee industry.

Hay has held several industry leadership positions, including spending nearly 10 years as Senior Vice President of Global Coffee Authority for Starbucks, where he led the team responsible for championing the Starbucks coffee experience and ensuring a single, powerful voice of coffee in the coffee industry and Starbucks locations worldwide. He is also a long-term Board Member, former Chairman and interim CEO of the National Coffee Association USA and spent 14 years as a member of the Board and Coffee Committee Chairman of the Coffee Cocoa and Sugar Exchange, later known as the New York Board of Trade (now ICE). He was also recently named to a select Coffee Commission by the President of Colombia.

Having worked with Hay on another coffee brand, I was thrilled when he called me with an exciting offer: to join him, Kirsty MacGregor (a recognized global coffee analyst) and coffee commodity trade expert Mike Nugent to help bring their groundbreaking new field research to market.

Hay and his partners have a century of combined experience across the complete spectrum of the coffee industry. They saw a void in the market: roasters and small and midsize coffee companies who didn’t have the same access to independent research and analysis that the big-name players do. They also saw that Brazil, traditionally the world’s coffee supply backstop, was facing unprecedented climate-related challenges that are still in the manifestation process and not yet fully understood.

When they asked me to join them, they had just completed their first round of Brazil field research and analysis and were working the best way to bring it to market. Together we created a new company and brand, Intelligent Coffee Insights, and developed its company positioning, brand identity and membership-based website. Intelligent Coffee Insight’s first report, “The Climate of Coffee 2015,” was released in January 2015 and provides a transparent, unbiased and full-scale analysis of the Brazil 2015/16 crop and outlook for the Brazil 2016/17 crop, as well as a global supply/demand outlook, price projections and an EPS sensitivity analysis.

But this unprecedented report is just the beginning; the Intelligent Coffee Insights research team is currently in Brazil updating their first report, The Climate of Coffee 2015 and have plans to return to Brazil in December 2015 to conduct research for the Climate of Coffee 2016.

Stay tuned for updates!